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New Bunny! - Where Buns get Rated!
New Bunny!
Your name: Annika
Location: Alkmaar, Netherlands
Your bun's name: Pedro
Breed: no idea, a little bit of everything.
Age: four months.
Physical Traits: mostly black with hints of white. small.
Personality Traits: mischievous (?), very active, he likes to run and jump a lot (especially on me)
Tell us more about your bun: his favourite things to do are running around his cage, jumping on the couch, licking hands, eating grass and flowers in my garden. He's a very fun loving little chap ^-^


Up close and personal

Ik like my food!

What?! Like sitting on my house is stupid?!?!?!

Or lying inside it...

Seriously, stop taking my picture, I need my privacy.

In his cage. (unfortunately he's not allowed outside it by the owners of the building I live in -an old school building- but I take him into the garden when the weather is good enough)

Me & him in my garden (under my chair, he loves that, lol)

Finish with the cuddly-cute ;)
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princessleah162 From: princessleah162 Date: June 25th, 2007 12:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh he's adorable!
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